In the Company of Angels

"Angels transcend every religion,
every philosophy, every creed.
In fact angels have no religion
 as we know it...
their existence precedes every
religious system that has ever
existed on earth."

St. Thomas Aquinas




Guardian Angels

Do not search for us, we will find you.

Do not wait for us, we are here...all ready.

You need not whisper your name to us ...

we know it well.

We have loved you forever ...

We are your Guardian Angels.


Author Unknown



A Promise

Angels have been with us

since the beginning of time.

You have Angels in your life

and I have Angels in mine.

From the moment we are born,

our personal Angels gather around

to guard and protect us.

Wherever we are...wherever we go...

Our Gardian Angels

are watching over us.

They tiptoe on the edge

of our awareness,

waiting for a look, a pause,

a heartglance

or a cry for help.

These are their passports

into the human soul.

They are with us always.



angel on postcard.jpg


 Your Guardian Angel

    An angel formed of purest love is
    sent to you from Heaven above.
    Ever watchful and always true,
    Guardian Angels are God's gift to you.
    To guide you through the darkest night
    and bring your soul into the Light
    May angelic peace come shining through
    and speed God's blessing on to you.



"Music is well said to be the
speech of angels."

~ Thomas Carlyle ~




Peace and Healing Angels

" . . . Then one night at my lowest ebb,

I finally prayed to God.

Not in a fine cathedral,

but standing in the rain;

and I heard the voice of an angel saying

'Welcome, welcome home . . . "

 Words excerpted from "Peace and Healing"
by Phil Coulter




Angels in my life?

Ah, yes, there have been many.

No, they didn't announce their presence

with the sweet music of golden harps,

nor did the dust of their fluttering wings

awaken me from a vivid dream.

But, I've known them nonetheless.

They have been the loving mentors and

guardians of my life

who have donned the familiar faces of

family, friends, business associates,

and children,

and, yes, sometimes even strangers

and animals.

The Guardian Angels of my life

have been with me always,

throughout all seasons.

On the happy occasion of

my recent marriage,

I sensed my Guardian Angels

smiling with me and

 jubilantly sharing in my happiness.

Other times, I have known my

Guardian Angels' presence in some

of my darkest hours.

Within the stillness of my soul,

I've felt their soft whisperings ....

and I have known their comforting presence.

Ah, yes, I have had many Angels.

They have touched my heart and

stirred my soul.

If you listen with a quiet, accepting heart,

you shall hear them whisper your name ...

and ,then, you shall also know them.




"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers,

for thereby some have entertained

angels unawares."

Hebrews 13:2


~ Real Life Angels ~

Every day, in the world around us

real-life angels are doing the things they do

and bringing happiness to the

world around them.

Real-life angels build bridges

instead of walls.

They don't play hide-and-seek

with the truth

and they don't have hidden agendas.

They tend to be the only ones

who understand

what you're going through.

If they sense that you're hurting,

they do whatever they can to help you.

Real-life angels understand difficulties

and always give the benefit of the doubt.

They don't hold others up to standards

they themselves.can't live by.

Real-life angels are what

"inner beauty" is all about.

Real-life angels don't hold

things against you;

The only thing they hold is you.

They take your hand in theirs when

you could use a little reassurance.

They walk beside you when

you could do with a little guidance

and direction in your life.

And they support you in

your attempts to do what is right.

Real-life angels mulitply your smiles

and add to your integrity.

They make you feel like,

"Hey, I really do matter!"

Then they quietly prove to you how

beautiful and true that feeling really is.

If you come across an angel like this,

you are one of the luckiest

people in the world.

If someone in your life is wonderfully

like an angel to you,

it's important to let them know.

It's the nicest compliment

you could ever give.




"We are each of us angels

with only one wing,

and we can fly only

by embracing one another."

~ Lucian de Crescenzo ~




My Gift to You

In the Spirit of

God's Love and Light,

please take this Guardian Angel

as my gift of love to you.