~Jerry and Sandy~ 

"Our Love Story"



Our Home Sweet Home

(In the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas)

"Casa Del Amor"

Our Children

"Our family is like the branches of a tree.
We all grow in different directions
and take different paths in life.
But our roots remain as one, and no matter where we go,
we each take a little of one another with us,
and each of us will always be a part of the tree."

Shannon and Doree
~ Sandy's Son and Daughter-in-Law~

Shannon and his wife, Doree, make their home in Arkansas.
They are catastrophic claims adjusters and along with PV

and Smeagol, their doglets, they spend most of each year in their

motor home traveling the US to natural disaster locations. 

When back at their home in Arkansas, they enjoy
boating, scuba diving, having friends and family over for cookouts,
and taking their niece and nephews four-wheeling.




Shannon & Doree's
~Bernstein Beagle~

In Loving Memory
1992 - 2006
 Shannon & Doree's "hamgurger man" and travelling companion
who succumbed to cancer. We'd lay odds that, at this very moment, he's
trying to dig out under the Great Doggie Heaven Fence.


Amy and Cary
~ Jerry's Daughter and Son-in-Law~

Amy and her husband, Cary, live in Michigan with their two

Alaskan Huskies, Spock and Storm. 

Most days find them hard at work in their retail clothing business.
Amy's unwinds in the pool while Cary relaxes in the kitchen cooking.
Together, they attend Detroit Tigers and Lions games, frequently visit the
Detroit Zoo, and enjoy having their nieces over for special weekends.

 Spock and Storm

Jerry and Sandy's "Canine Children"

 "Until one has loved an animal, a part of the soul remains unawakened"

~Author Unknown ~


(our little angel)
Teacup Shih Tzu
May 29, 2006


(our little imp)
Teacup Shih Tzu
June 2, 2007


(our wild child)
 Shih Tzu
March 22, 2012



     Our Precious "Canine Children"
    who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

    ~ Daisy ~
    Miniature Poodle
    - 200

    In Loving Memory

    "Daisy Mae" as we lovingly called her,
    was probably the kindest pet we have ever had.  She gave us over 15 years of pure love and devotion.
    We will never forget her wonderful personally and her love of her toys.  She loved to just sit and watch her Christmas stocking waiting for Santa to put her treats in it. 
    We miss our lovely baby.



    ~ Nappie ~
    1990 - 2006

    In Loving Memory

    "The Boss Lady" lovingly managed her
    human and canine family for almost 17 years.
    We miss our precious little TV companion who always
    showed true devotion with plenty of love and kisses.


    ~Miss Pookie~
    Shih Tzu
    1990 - 2005

    In Loving Memory

    "Little Feisty Pants" charmed us with her funny, feisty spirit
    and brought us undying love, laughter, and sunshine
    every day of her 15 years.
    You will live in our hearts forever, Pookie.


    Mixed Breed
    1982 - 1999

    In Loving Memory

    "Ralpher" was our beloved friend and companion
    who gave total love and devotion,
    to his family for 17 years.
    He's probably chasing a tennis ball in Doggie Heaven right now.  We will always miss you, Ralph.



"No matter how old you are, when you go out into the world,
it is best to hold hands and stick together."

~ Robert Fulghum ~



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