Our Love Story
"A True Fairy Tale"


"The day that we first met, the angels whispered 'Perfect.'"
~ Anonymous ~

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens;
but often we look so long at the closed door that
we do not see the one which has been opened for us."
~ Helen Keller ~


Once upon a time,

A man and a woman lived far, far away from one another.
The woman lived in the South
The man lived in the North.
They did not know one another.
And they were both lonely.


The lady in the South was lonely
because, after many years of marriage,
her husband had passed away.
Although she had a grown son and daughter-in-law
whom she loved very much,
she missed the companionship of marriage.


A thousand miles away in the North,
the man was lonely because his only child,
 whom he had raised by himself,
was grown and no longer lived at home.
Soon, she would be getting married,
and he already missed having her around.



One day the man in the North was pondering early
retirement, and the thought of spending the rest of his
life alone began to sadden him.
He thought about how nice it would be
to find someone with whom to share his life.
But it had to be just the right woman, he thought ....
Someone with whom he could have fun ...
Someone with whom he could laugh and play ...
And love deeply.
But how, he wondered, would he ever find that person?
One evening, while surfing the computer,
the "Personal Classifieds" section beckoned him ...
and he placed an ad.

Down South, a thousand miles away,
the lady was working late at her office.
After seeing her last client,
she was updating files on the computer when
 she accidentally wandered into unfamiliar territory.
She found herself on a strange website containing hundreds of ads ...
ads from people looking for someone ....
an email pal, a lover, a partner, a wife, a husband,
a special person.


The lady in the South was intrigued.
Quickly, she randomly scanned hundreds of ads.
One in particular caught her eye ...
because it was different from all the others.
A man in Michigan.
A man who said he had purposely
put his personal life on hold twenty-some years ago
to raise his only child, a beautiful little daughter.
And, now that she was grown, he was contemplating
early retirement and finding a special lady
 with whom to share the rest of his life.
"What an extraordinary man", the lady in the South thought ....
"He deserves someone who will appreciate his character.
 Perhaps I should email him and tell him to be choosy ..."
And so she did.


The lady, however,
 had much to learn about computer technology.
Consequently, her email to the nice man in Michigan
arrived on his computer "blank".
But the hand of fate once again intervened ....
and the man responded, saying,
"I received a blank email from this email address".
 "Why don't you put some words on it and send it back?"
And so she did.


The lady in the South
and the man in the North
eventually met one another and fell in love.

One year later .....
December, 1998.
The man in the North
retired from his position as a design engineer
 with Ford Motor Company.
The lady in the South
 retired from her private practice as a psychologist,
and moved to Michigan.



In January of 1999,

Jerry and Sandy were married
and have lived happily ever after.
And that is why
every day is a holiday
at Casa Del Amor.


~ The End ~


"Life is a flower of which love is the honey."

~ Victor Hugo ~

"I say love, it is a flower; and you it's only seed."

~ Bette Midler ~
The Rose

And I Did

A Love Letter

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